As a freelancer, I program computer graphics applications for the web. Often these are 3D experiences built using WebGL or WebGPU, but I've worked on 2D animations as well. Some examples of my work are listed here.

Ricola Herb Hunt

To promote Ricola mints in east Asia, I worked with UNCANNY to develop a short game where you play as Ricola mascot Bumble, a bumblebee. When you find five herbs that are used in Ricola candy, you are eligible for a prize. We put extra emphasis on performance for this project to ensure a smooth experience on a broad range of mobile phones.


For the 2023 film Oppenheimer directed by Christopher Nolan, BOND created a website which allows the visitor to explore the central locations in the film. I've implemented the 3D content, which brings the scenes to life with several procedural animations and a fiery post processing atmosphere.

Exiled racers

For the Web3 racing manager & prediction game, I've built several 3D game renderers that bring the content to life in real time.

TomTom traffic index

The TomTom traffic index conveys interesting highlights from the data managed by this map making company. I've developed a navigable globe that showcases some of this data.

JL Sebastian

For the portfolio website of JL Sebastian developed by Thomas van der Meer, I've implemented several 2D effects that can't be created using regular HTML and CSS functionality, like animated film grain noise and complex page transitions.

Artemis jewellery

To tell the story behind the Artemis Argyle collection diamonds, I have developed a 3D web experience with UNCANNY. We show the story behind the discovery and development of the mine, and also rendered one of the unique pink diamonds that are only found in this specific mine.

Google Cloud x Renault

This website uses WebGL to guide the visitor through a Renault factory, showcasing how Google Cloud is used to transform the future of car manufacturing. The experience was designed by Mediamonks, I've developed the WebGL based 3D scenes that guide the user through the factory.