As a game developer, I work on games in many ways. Sometimes I build games for clients, sometimes I just work on one aspect of a game that's in development, and other times I build them for fun. I've also developed and self-published my game Koi Farm on several platforms.

Koi Farm

Koi Farm is a koi breeding game. An (almost) infinite number of procedurally generated koi patterns can be bred by selectively crossbreeding koi. The Windows and Linux versions of the game are sold on Steam and, the Android version is sold on the play store and the iOS version is sold on the app store. Koi Farm was received well and has been nominated for the Cinekid game & app award.


Locomerchant is a train driving and trading game made for the global game jam 2022; that means the entire game was made within 48 hours. The game is free to play on my website or on

Game art was made by Samma van Klaarbergen and Natalia Patkiewicz, and music and audio was created by Harm-Jan Wiechers.