Me, exploring another area of interest.

My name is Job Talle and I'm a freelance software developer, consultant and programming enthusiast. I currently live and work in Groningen, a small city in the Netherlands. I run a company focusing on both problem solving using artificial intelligence and game development, which are the fields I'm most passionate about. I'm also co founder of a local game developers cooperative in Groningen called the Game Bakery, where about twenty-five game development related companies share an office building, organize events and take on projects together. Since 2015, I'm involved in organizing the yearly Global Game Jam in Groningen.

I have broad experience with many programming languages and technologies. Some of my favourites are C, C++, Python and Javascript, preferably mixed with graphics programming. I have studied Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen, where I also teach a computer graphics course.

I have built this website to write about interesting topics I encounter during my work and studies. The posts are also meant to elaborate further on open source software that I publish on Github.